Attention: If You’re A Type 2 Diabetic Who Is Feeling That You Won’t Be Able To Fully Enjoy Your Life... Read Every Word Below!

Finally Discover How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes!
35+ Experts Reveal Their Proven Strategies And Processes So That You Can Feel Better, Perform Better And Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes
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Finally Discover How To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes!
35+ Experts Reveal Their Proven Strategies And Processes So That You Can Feel Better, Perform Better And Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes
Claim Your VIP All-Access Pass Before Midnight, October 2nd, 2021
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Get full access to all event sessions now!
You can't afford to miss this one!
New Science: Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed!
Our 35+ Diabetes Experts Will Teach You How to...
Learn How To Reduce Your Reliance On Expensive Medications
You don’t need to risk wasting your hard-earned money when you have the blueprint to success that will help you eat better with confidence.
Discover Simple Ways To Feel Better And Perform Better In Your Daily Life
With the right tools YOU CAN reclaim your independence with a sense of accomplishment and all without straining your relationships with family and friends.
Reconnect And Inspire Others As A Living Example Of Extraordinary Health
Even if you believe that you’ve tried everything and you’ve lost faith in the “Diabetes” solutions out there, you no longer have to worry about feeling that you won’t be able to fully enjoy your life. Success can be yours even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive therapies and fad diets that just don’t work.
Leverage The Expertise Of Our Presenters To Start Living Life To The Fullest
Are you ready to transform your life in a positive way to bring back a sense of purpose? If you want to avoid soul crushing disappointment, then you’re in the right place! Virtual attendees will get the step-by-step blueprint that will help you design an impactful and healthy lifestyle starting immediately.
And if that wasn’t enough, the wisdom that could be yours just moments from now will provide you with the exact processes and strategies to...
Finally know the “keystone” habits that will get you fast results
Bravely discover if your type 2 diabetes is reversible
Quickly know what environmental toxins and triggers are feeding your type 2 diabetes
Confidently know what to track so you can measure your progress (and improve)
Effortlessly find more energy, vitality and rediscover how to thrive
And so much more!
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Everything You Need To Become Free From The Burden, Pain & Prison Of Diabetes
From These Amazing Diabetes Experts

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Your Expert Training Sessions

From Our World-Class Experts
Rebecca Dockery Hannifan 

Food As Medicine

Learn about the health benefits of focusing one's diet around the maintenance of ketone hormone levels.
Manju Rentala MD

PCOS & Insulin Resistance

Everyone is unique and their diets should be too! Learn how balancing one's diet and happiness could lead to a better level of health.
Dr Cecily Anne, MD FACOG

The Results Of Intermittent Fasting 

Learn how a low carb lifestyle coupled with intermittent fasting could help manage and even reverse Type 2 diabetes & do wonders for your health.
Dr. Amy Sapola Pharm D

Supplements & Type 2 Diabetes

Learn how the usage of supplements, adapting an organic diet and using a special ingredient could help manage one's blood-sugar levels.
Catherine McConkie

Sensory Awareness Of Food

Learn how to develop a healthier lifestyle by adopting the proper diet and realizing how that diet affects your body.
Bridgette Dawson Campbell 

Ketogenic Diet & Type 2 Diabetes

Get an inside look at the health benefits of ketogenic dieting and the important role they can play in managing type 2 diabetes.
Arti Thangudu MD

The Endocrinologist Approach To T2D  Reversal

Discover how one doctor has combined yoga with plant based nutrition to improve the lives and outcomes of type 2 diabetic patients.
Brandt R Gibson, DPM

Diabetes & Peripheral Neuropathy 

Get the inside scoop on how a regimen of vitamins may help reduce the level of pain associated with diabetes and neuropathy.
Eileen Kopsaftis

Free Yourself From Pain

Tune in to this interview and discover if proper dieting can address the inflammation and pain often associated with type 2 diabetes.
Denise A. Pancyrz

Give Your Pancreas A Break

Homeopathy may provide a  blueprint for managing type 2 diabetes through a combination of natural remedies and medication.
Grace Lee Phd

Focus & Emotion 

Believe it or not, developing a discipline that involves intense focus and emotion may be a key piece of the puzzle for type 2 diabetics.
Carla White

The Power Of Gratitude

Keeping a journal of what you do to manage your type 2 diabetes can be extremely helpful, and we just happen to have an app for that.
Dr. Dale Bredesen MD

Alzheimer's & Diabetes 

Explore how ketogenic diets, healthy sleep cycles and regular exercise could help with reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's.
Dr. Kyrin Duston MD 

How To Get Off The Road To Diabetes

Get all the inside info needed to develop a 3 pronged approach to addressing a decline in your health as opposed to using pharmaceuticals.
Dr. Paul Epstein ND

How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology

Dis-ease tells a story not just of your cells and a diagnosis, but of your self and your life, learn to listen to both stories for healing.
Lisa Goldberg

What Are You Really Hungry For?

The key to dieting is recognizing impulses and signals and understanding how to avoid emotional eating and yo-yo dieting habits.
Sachin Patel DC

Mindset & Type 2 Diabetes 

Learn how to identify unique indicators that will help you recognize the early signs of type 2 diabetes and get a head start on managing it.
Catherine Toomer M.D. 

Off Insulin By Practicing What I Preach

Get an inside look at how one doctor uses her personal experience with health crisis to improve the health and lifestyles of other patients.
James Maskell

The Community Cure 

Find out if empowerment, group care, a strong support system and accountability can help you manage or even reverse type 2 diabetes.
Caterina De Falco

Family Dinners 

Discover how the communal aspect of sharing good, simple, home cooked meals is one of the most beneficial things to overall health.
Dr. Rinesh Ganatra

Rebooting Your Mindset

Learn how persistent, ordinary actions could lead to drastically better overall health.
Greg Gatchell MD

The Connection Advantage 

Family, friends and a moral support system can reduce loneliness and depression, which also helps reduce mental and physical decline.
Rebecca and Bridgette

The Power Of Community

Discover everything you ever wanted to know about drinking ketones and how they can help manage type 2 diabetes and improve your health.
Dr. Joseph Pizzorno ND

The Toxin Solution 

Take the time to catch this interview given by one of the heavyweights in the medical industry as he shares ideas on improving overall wellness.
Andres Zuleta MD

An Integral Approach To Type 2 Diabetes Remission

Discover how to integrate large amount of information out here into a diabetes remission plan that works for you. 
Dorian Greenow - Keto Mojo

Tracking Your Ketones

The psychological effect of tracking your ketones
Beverly Yates ND

Stress Sleep And Type 2 Diabetes

The effects of stress, sleep and cortisol on blood sugar levels. 
Ritamarie Loscalzo DC

How To Detect And Prevent Diabetes Decades Before The Official Diagnosis

Master how to figure out if you have insulin resistance years before the diagnosis. 
Venus Ramos MD

Lower Your Cortisol

Learn how stress can keep your sugars elevated and how to overcome it. 
Janelle Louis ND

Heal Childhood Traumas

Discover how healing adverse child hood experiences can help you overcome Type two diabetes
Jose and Diana from Reverse T2D

What Foods To Swap To Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Uncover what foods to eat to reverse your type two diabetes by using specific foods. 
Ken Berry MD

The Proper Human Diet

Discover what the proper human diet can radically transform your health, and how to assess the level of your insulin resistance. 
Fred Yturralde MD FACC, FSCAI 

Save Your Heart

Discover ground breaking techniques to know if you your heart is failing years before you have a heart attack. 
Keith Scott-Mumby MD

Identify Your Allergies And Escape Diabetes

Learn how to use food allergy knowledge to escape the hamster wheel of Type 2 Diabetes. 
Carol Lourie ND

How To Improve Your Cancer Outcomes By Lowering Your Blood Sugar

Discover evidence based methodologies that have been proven to improve outcomes in cancer care. 
Brian Mowll DC

The Misunderstandings Of Type 2 Diabetes

Uncover the major mistaken and false beliefs surrounding Type 2 Diabetes so that you can stop wasting time chasing unicorns and avoid dangerous false solutions. 
Maggie Berghoff

The Upstream Causes Of Type 2 Diabetes

Find out what the real root causes of Type 2 Diabetes are, how to prevent it and why most people are completely unaware that Diabetes can be reversed.
We've Left Nothing Out Of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  
Meet Your Summit Host - Dr. Andres Zuleta MD

Dr. Zuleta  has been practicing medicine globally for over 20 years. From constantly hearing about medications to treat diabetes, he knew there were more effective solutions.

Learning the treatment methods to various mentorships... he discovered the ground-breaking, evident truth that type 2 diabetes is fully reversible in most people, but why hasn't this been commonly known?

Observing his patients lower their numbers has been incredibly rewarding, and encourages him to share the success with everyone. 

Dr. Zuleta is driven to reach as many people as he can to share his powerful knowledge. He's determined and confident to make a breakthrough in society today. In collaboration with the top leading industry experts in diabetes reversal.

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35+ Top Type 2 Diabetes Experts
Ever wonder why some type 2 diabetics seem to have it all and others end up drawing the short stick? Learn from 35+ world-class experts in the industry as they share their advice on becoming free from the burden, pain and prison of diabetes and even learning how to turn the clock back on pre-diabetes.
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