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Join us for this FREE virtual program to learn how Type Two Diabetes Reversal works.  From interviews with the leading experts in the field to  24/7 engagement and support, we'll keep your full attention. We'll simplify how you can take charge of your health and transform your life.

September 25-27 , 2020
The Diabetes-Free Summit
This Summit is designed to amplify the voices of those sharing ground-breaking knowledge necessary to help people reach their optimal health and transform their lives.

We present you with the scientific facts, evident truth, and powerful insight so you're confident in having the necessary tools to take charge of your life. 

You deserve to live life effortlessly in optimal health. Our Summit is your one-way ticket to the success you've been searching for. 

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Why Should You Attend the Diabetes-Free Summit?

Fully Virtual Event! You can watch it from home on your mobile device or desktop. 

It's FREE! Absolutely no cost or obligation to you.

World Class Experts
Special Interviews and Presentations from the Top Leading Experts Globally.

Our Guest Expert Speakers
Lisa Goldberg
What are you Really Hungry For?
James Maskell 
The Community Cure
Dale Bredesen MD
Alzheimer's prevention and reversal
Maggie K Berghoff
Environmental Triggers
Manju Rentala MD
PCOS and Insulin Resistance
Rebecca Dockery Hannifan
Keto Diet and Type 2 Diabetes
Catherine McConkie, NC
Sensory Awareness and Food
Grace Lee PhD
The Neuroscience of Focus and Feeling
Carla White
The Results of Gratitude
Caterina DeFalco
How to Improve your Health and Reduce Stress
Kyrin Dunston MD
How to Get Off the Road To Diabetes
Dr. Amy Sapola PharmD 
A Functional Approach to Supplements for Diabetes
Bridgette Dawson Campbell
Food as Medicine
Dr. Greg Gatchell MD
The Science of Love and Connection
Dr. Paul Epstien ND
How Your Biography Becomes your Biology
Dr. Joseph Pizzorno ND 
Environmental Medicine
Cecily A Clark-Ganheart MD
Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Before Pregnancy
Sachin Patel DC
Mindset and Type 2 Diabetes
Dr Rinesh Ganatra
Rebooting Your Mindset
Denise A. Pancyrz
Give Your Pancreas A Break!
Brandt R Gibson, DPM
Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy
Catherine Toomer M.D. 
I Got Off Insulin By Practicing What I Preach
Arti Thangudu MD
The Endocrinologist Approach to Type Two Diabetes Reversal
Eileen Kopsaftis
Freedom From Pain
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All interviews each day will go live at 10am eastern standard time (New York City).
Sept 25
  • Food as Medicine
    Rebecca Dockery Hannifan 
  • PCOS and Insulin Resistance
    Dr. Manju Rentala MD
  • The results of Intermittent Fasting  
    Dr Cecily Anne, MD FACOG
  • Supplements and Type 2 Diabetes
    Dr. Amy Sapola Pharm D
  • Sensory Awareness of Food
    Catherine McConkie
  • Ketogenic Diet and Type 2 Diabetes
    Bridgette Dawson Campbell 
  • The Endocrinologist Approach to T2D  Reversal   Arti Thangudu MD      
  • Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy Brandt R Gibson, DPM
Sept 26
  • Focus and Emotion 
    Dr. Grace Lee Phd
  • The Power of Gratitude
    Carla White
  • Alzheimer's and Diabetes 
    Dr. Dale Bredesen MD
  • How to Get Off the Road To Diabetes
    Dr. Kyrin Duston MD 
  • How Your Biography Becomes your Biology
    Dr. Paul Epstein ND
  • What are you Really Hungry for?
    Lisa Goldberg
  • Mindset and Type Two Diabetes                      Sachin Patel DC
  • Off Insulin By Practicing What I Preach Catherine Toomer M.D. 
Sept 27
Environmental Triggers
  • The Community Cure 
    James Maskell
  • Family Dinners 
    Caterina De Falco
  • Environmental Triggers
    Maggie K Berghoff
  • The Connection Advantage 
    Greg Gatchell MD
  • The Power of Community
    Rebecca and Bridgette
  • The Toxin Solution 
    Dr. Joseph Pizzorno ND
  • Primary and Secondary Nutrition.   Andres Zuleta MD
Your Summit Host
Dr. Andres Zuleta, M.D., 

Integrative Medicine Expert
Dr. Zuleta  has been practicing  medicine globally for over 20 years.  From constantly hearing about medications to treat Diabetes, he knew there was more effective solutions.

From learning the treatment methods to various mentorships...he discovered the ground-breaking, evident truth. 

Type Two Diabetes is fully reversible in most people, but why hasn't this been commonly known?

Observing his patients lower their numbers has been incredibly rewarding, and encourages him  to share the success with everyone. 

Dr. Zuleta is driven to reach as many people as he can to share his powerful knowledge. He's determined and confident to make a breakthrough in society today. In collaboration with the top leading industry experts in Diabetes Reversal, we're here to offer you real solutions.

With complete persistence and dedication,  Andres and his team are here to help you every step of the way.
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